Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lady Gaga will hold a concert in space

Lady Gaga 's third studio album " Artpop " without any warning has been uploaded to the music portal iTunes after the internet in recent days was leaked copies . Officially it was first introduced in Japan on Wednesday .
However, the eccentric singer gave his fans a special reason to wait, " Artopop " official international release on Sunday. According to the weekly magazine "Us Weekly ," Lady Gaga is the first performer dainuosiančia space.
" Find out if the rumors are real. ARTPOP Live from the album release ," - said the message , published on the social network Twitter .

The weekly said that Lady Gaga is planning a month specifically to develop a voice that early 2015 could sing swinging Virgin Galactic - passenger spacecraft , the British billionaire Richard Branson (Richard Branson ) created to promote space tourism.
Lady Gaga will perform one song in the spaceship through high-tech festival Zero G Colony in New Mexico , says Us Weekly .
The new album " Artpop Lady Gaga returns to the appropriate electronic dance pop music , characterized by huge success has reached its 2008 debut album " The Fame " - after the singer experimenting with different styles of music in his second album," Born This Way . "
Initially, she turned to the fans , asking to prevent ahead of schedule leaked her new album first single " Applause " copies for distribution.
In an interview with the British newspaper the Daily Mail , " Lady Gaga said in her album focuses on the relationship between music and popular culture, to the opposite effect than the one that created the legendary giants Pop Art Andy Warhol.
"This album aims - to move art and culture in pop music , unlike Warhol did . Perkėlinėję Instead of pop culture to the canvas , we want to put the art into canned soup cans ," - she explained.
Last month, pop singer Katy Perry was similarly forced to release their new album " Prism " when the Internet first time spread the leaked copy.