Friday, August 30, 2013

Completely naked Lady Gaga tried a controversial artist Marina Abramovic method

After hip surgery healed singer Lady Gaga (27) the horizons of music lovers coming back with a bang. If you ever thought that the video clips and the shocking change, and live shows - nasty, then after her latest video, accommodated in the online space, what you did not know who the artist and begalvoti.
Lady Gaga undress and star in - a piece of cake. It was only Eve costume she appeared in a new video, which presents the current situation of trendy Marina Abramovic (66) method (Abramovich approach), and the artist established the institute, thereby helping to raise funds to institutions for development. The Institute seeks to maintain the range of art forms.
Lady Gaga, building its third album Artpop, asked his buddy M.Abramovič help, and now it has paid compensation, nusifilmuodama nude advert.
Initially, the singer's fans can see it lying on the floor or standing in the middle of the river in the rain, but later the video is much more bizarre. Lady Gaga undress naked and having entered your hands up, walks grass susirietusi roam the forest litter or sitting on a huge crystal.
Based on the Marina Abramovic Institute for information, this Lady Gaga has been tested approach to using people who perform a series of exercises and change their environment, promotes awareness of their physical and mental condition. "
This method is applied in practice, and came up started SERB Marina Abramovic is considered a pioneer of performance art. Artists' debut in 1970 -'s. The most important question Marinos - how the body can endure?

And now for your attention and evaluation - Lady Gaga showed how it performs M.Abramovič method:
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